FREAKS FITNESS FIT CrossFit group training that is fun and
exciting with something different every session!


At FREAKS FITNESS our philosophy is simple, we aim to ensure our athletes learn the fundamental movements and keep strict safe technique whenever training. We believe learning the basics and continuing to use near perfect technique will greatly reduce chances of injury. We expect all athletes to always train hard and push themselves, we except them to never bring their ego but always keep their integrity. Workout (WOD) results matter only to you BUT everyone cares if you cheat.

Our Motto is Forging Fitness Freaks and in fact we have really forged a family of Freaks. The atmosphere in our Box is friendly and laid back, everyone loves to see everyone else hit PB’s, finish WOD’s and push themselves past what they thought were their limits. Everyone knows everyone and new athletes are always welcomed into our family on their first session.

Our great coaching staff are always happy to help, whether it may by exercise tips, mobility or nutrition you only need to ask.

Don’t be freaked out by CrossFit, join CrossFit Freaks and become a Fitness Freak. Regardless of your age, gender or fitness levels CrossFit is for you. All Workouts are scaled and can be modified to suit beginners and intermediates.

Why Freaks Fitness gym?

Recognized as one of the best CrossFit gyms Sydney, Crossfit Freaks offers a range of mornings and evening Crossfit classes each week to suit your schedule.

All of our classes are taught by trained, certified CrossFit Instructors and attention is placed on good form for your safety, as well as pushing you athletically.

Why 60 minutes?

Because, regardless of your fitness level, whether beginner or a trained athlete, a single Crossfit class is intense, and pushes you to your hardest.

Halfway through your mind and body may be saying, “No More.” But by the time you’ve finished, you will find yourself strangely energized and craving for more.

personal Crossfit gym in Sydney


Most people at a standard box gym feel lucky if they meet even one person with similar workout goals and who offer encouragement.

At our personal Crossfit gym, you’ll feel at home and encouraged by your Freaks Fitness Family.

No matter is you are big, small, young or old, if you are a beginner or a competitive athlete, those who come to our Crossfit classes, will revel in the friendly encouragement of those in your classes.

A Crossfit gym such as our gym near Wetherill Park is a true encouraging and supportive environment. You will feel at home right from your first day here.

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You can come down for a FREE Session to see what being a FREAK is all about!

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Crossfit gyms near me now

FREAKS FITNESS is a facility which offers Crossfit nearby.

One of the original CrossFit gyms Sydney Australia, we are located on 2/80 Hassall Street in Wetherill Park.

Our telephone is 0410 40 50 60

Although the majority of our CrossFit classes are in the morning or the early evening, the gym is actually open 24-hours a day, which is perfect for those having unusual schedules that prohibit them from attending CrossFit group training sessions.

Thus, Freaks Fitness is the perfect box gym for those searching for Crossfit gyms Sydney Australia, CrossFit Campbelltown, and Crossfit gyms Western Sydney.

It is the perfect box Crossfit gym and for beginners and advances gym go’ers as we have such a friendly and supportive community of members who love to meet new people and have them joining the Freak family.

If you are looking for a gym near Wetherill Park that also is a great place as a Wetherill Park ufc gym, we have all of the equipment that a normal gym, a boxing gym or a Cross gym would have to cater for your needs, therefore Freaks Fitness is the place for you and your friends.

We are also one of the best Western Sydney gym bnecause of the range of equipment, our knowledge, experience and our friendly commiunity. If you are looking for a gym Wetherill Park or Crossfit gyms Sydney there is no doubt that you have come to the right place!

Many Crossfit Australia facilities don’t offer the same level of care, understanding and customisation with their training programs that Freaks Fitness offers.

Many Crossfit gyms Sydney mention that they offer a Crossfit Training program that is customized, however we can assure you that we are able to develop a specific training program that is customised for all of our members based on their skillset, their experience and their fitness levels.

How many Crossfit locations Sydney are there? Last time we counted, there were 20 or so Crossfit locations Sydney. However, just because a CrossFit Sydney gym is near you does not be they are the best facility for YOU. We have members who travel from all over because of our Opex Fitness programs and the great experience we provide to all of our members.

Owner and Master coach, Andrew Simon has a number of certificates and awards, which sets Freaks Fitness apart from most other facilities!

Crossfit Gyms close to me?


So, yes, there is a Crossfit near me.

We are centrally located in Wetherill Park.

Please contact us today on the details below. We look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals and hope to welcome you to the FREAK family.